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 WScout 2.3 released!

 WScout 2.2 released!

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Basically, WScout provides a multiple tabbed window to visualize PCAP traces.

A basic WScout window

WScout is able to open very large files. Loading them might take one minute or two, but WScout will not demand much CPU and memory resources.

Opening large traces

WScout is light

WScout is also able to handle PCAP traces with no Prism headers:

Traces without Prism headers

A dock window and tooltips display frames’ hexadecimal content:

WScout's tooltips

Hexadecimal dock window

You may search traces for specific byte sequences:

Searching traces

Alternatively, you may process your traces with external programs in order to filter them:

Trace filtering

Finally, WScout also enables browsing using multiple windows:

Multiple windows